The most important decision you can make is to choose the right construction company in Auckland. Your builder must be able guide you through the entire process. You’ll end up paying for it in the future, both financially and time-wise. Here are some tips to help you find the best construction company for your job.

Interview Builders

Always meet three to four local builders. Examine their previous work and knowledge of the community and area. Speak to their past clients and ask for references. Ask to speak with the owner of the home you liked on a builder’s site or in front of their sign. They will gladly share their experience if they had a good one.

Get to Know Their References

You can contact references from a construction firm, just as you would in a job interview. Ask for references from the same area who have worked on similar projects. It’s important to understand the difference between a newly constructed home and one that has been in use for some time. Speak to your references to learn more about how their home performed over time. Ask them about their experience during the building process. Was the builder responsive to them? The project was completed on time. Did the budget meet their requirements? The process was explained to them in advance, so they knew what each step involved? These questions will give you valuable insight into the experience that you can expect from your construction company.

Find a lot

The right property is more than just a place with a beautiful view. It is important to choose a lot that has the most potential for your future home. When looking for the perfect lot, it’s best to work together with a real estate agent and a builder. Your builder must be upfront with you when it comes time to bring the lot up-to-building standards. If you don’t look out for certain things when purchasing the land, you may face problems later. Each municipality has its own set of building standards which can impact your ability to build your dream home on a specific lot.


Your builder’s involvement in the design phase can ensure that you are able to build your house within your budget. The square-foot price is inaccurate, and people often overdesign their home to fit within their budget. Your builder may suggest alternative ways to achieve your goals while still staying within your budget. Their involvement will expedite your project and reduce design costs if you go over budget.

Estimates and Picking

The way a company presents and composes their estimates is probably the best way to evaluate them. An estimate should be easy to understand and clear. It is important to understand the materials used and how much allowance you will need. Contractors can undervalue the cost of products and finishes, which results in an attractive price. However, it may lead to expensive upgrades during construction. Before he creates an estimate, make sure that your builder understands your expectations. Your builder should know if you’ve already selected specific materials and ensure that they are taken into account. Making choices in advance about materials, windows and flooring, cabinets etc. can help you to budget.

Transparency is the common element in all of these steps. Your construction company must be helpful and transparent throughout the process. You deserve someone who will guide you in making the best decisions to build the house of your dreams.