Top Styles and Cabinet Choices for Remodeled Kitchens

Homeowners remodeling their kitchens tend to look for kitchens with a contemporary, transitional, or modern style of design, along with a unique storage method. The cabinets homeowners select have a significant influence not only on how their new kitchens function but also on how they appear. Most often, homeowners choose cabinets with a Shaker design, typically with wood or white tones.

Find out more details about the kitchen design trends and others using the insights of Houzz’s 2021 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.

McCollum Studio ArchitectsThis kitchen features a transitional design, a contemporary-traditional blend that is the most popular style for remodeled kitchens. Erin CarlyleTransitional Is the Top Style for Remodeled Kitchens

If homeowners are contemplating the possibility of a kitchen renovation, they likely love the current Layout, style, or flow. In reality, not being able to put up with the outdated kitchen is the top. 2 reasons homeowners embark on remodeling their kitchens, according to the study. (The No. #1 Motivation is the desire to achieve everything and finally have the resources.)

Most homeowners who remodel their kitchens (85 percent) are deciding to change their style. When remodeling a kitchen, it is a transitional style that is the most sought-after (21 percent), followed by contemporary (15 percent), current (14 percent), farmhouse (12 percent), as well as traditional (11%).Custom Kitchens from John Wilkins Inc. This kitchen is fitted with new cabinets. Learn more about this and other kitchen renovations that have benefited from the refaced cabinets. Erin CarlyleRefinishing is a popular Partially Cabinet Renovation.

As per the study, most homeowners renovating their kitchens (94 percent) upgrade their cabinets. The majority (63 percent) are replacing their cabinets entirely, but 1 out of 3 choose to upgrade the cabinets in a small amount.

For homeowners who opt for a partial upgrade to their cabinets, The most requested improvement is refinishing the cabinet’s exteriors (60 percent). Most homeowners remodeling their cabinets are installing new cabinets, which is nearly four times the amount last year. Some are replacing only the doors (25 percent), placing a few cabinets (20 20 percent), or refinishing the cabinet interiors (14 percent). Divco Custom Homes: This kitchen comes with Shaker-style cabinets. These are the most well-liked choices for modernizing cabinets in kitchens undergoing renovations.

Regarding design, the Shaker style remains the most popular cabinet door option for homeowners, upgrading their kitchen cabinets (57 percent) and flat-panel (21 percent) an unintentional second.

Additionally, homeowners remodeling cabinetry in the kitchen are choosing custom choices, with 41% choosing fully customized cabinets while 35% opting for semi-custom alternatives. A small portion of those upgrading the kitchen’s cabinetry select stock (12 percent) and ready-to-assemble (8 percent) models. Hebdon StudiosWhite and wooden tones are the best colors for upgrading renovated kitchen cabinets.

While it’s less well-known than in the previous two years, white is the most popular color (41 percent) choice for kitchen cabinets that have been renovated. Wood tones, in general, are second in popularity (23 percent in all shades of wood), and medium-tone woods (13 percent) are the most frequently used, and then light wood (7 7 percent). Gray (10 percent) is the third most popular color for cabinets in modern kitchens. Studio Dearborn Cookie Sheet organizers and Spice Pullouts are popular.

Of course, how cabinets function is as important as how they look. Many homeowners renovating their cabinets today add built-in organizers or specialized storage solutions.

The most well-liked cabinet organizers are made to hold cookie sheets (48 percent) and other spices (39 percent). The most popular drawers for cabinets that are specially designed are pullout recycle or waste drawers (60 percent), and then there’s lazy Susan (38 percent) or swing-out pullout (34 percent) cabinetry. Newschool Builders LLC Many keep kitchen size and Layout in the same place.

The kitchen trends report for the year confirms that transforming your kitchen doesn’t need to mean tearing down walls or doubling the room’s size. Most homeowners who remodel their kitchens keep them about identical in size, as per the study. When the remodel is complete, More than half (51 percent) of kitchens that have been renovated are around 200 square feet and more. Thirty-five percent are between 100 and 199 square feet following the renovation, and 14% have less than 100 square feet.

It is also possible to keep the Layout unchanged and have a more efficient kitchen for homeowners. Less than half of homeowners remodeling (44 percent) decide to alter the Layout of their kitchen. Of those who qualify, the L-shape is the most sought-after design option (38 percent), closely followed by the U-shape (31 percent), along with the galley (12 percent).

To achieve the style and functionality they’re looking for, homeowners who want to remodel their kitchens (85 percent) choose to work with a professional, with general contractors being the most popular choice of contractor.

In 2021, the U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study collected data from 2,014 Houzz users who indicated that they owned homes of 18 or over who had completed a kitchen remodel or addition in the previous 12 months and were working on one, or were looking to start one within the coming three months. The survey was conducted between June and July 2020.